A dream come true

I am a video game lover, I have been in contact with them since I was four years old and I saw my siblings playing Sonic The Hedgehog. Then I encountered the two games that would be my favorites, even to date, Diablo 2 and Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver, the latter would awaken in me a strange curiosity about its level design.
I remember playing it when I was about six years and when I was eight I finally could finish it on my own, completing it 100%. When I went to play with my toys, I took books and created a fantastic world, where there were inaccessible areas for my hero (a doll from the movie Hercules), I clearly had many influences from the game previously named.

It was not until 2014 when I became interested in the development of video games, when I learned of the existence of an engine called Unity, which is the same one that I still use today. I searched online for tutorials and I found a channel called Nodician, and so thanks to his videos I was able to finish a small project that was a inspired by Slender, which I called PortDia. A month after finishing this project, Nodician held a contest where he invited his subscribers to send him his own projects, I got down to work and in a week I sent him PortDia 3, and I won!

However, I was at a dead point, since all the code I used and the 3D models were taken from the Internet, surely many were copyrighted but I did not know how it worked, so I set out to learn and found Blender.
This is how we arrived to today, watching tutorials and reading a lot I could learn languages like C#, HTML and CSS, as well as using Photoshop for 2D or Blender for 3D designs. I keep learning everyday, and although I had several small projects and I developed mods for various games, I feel it is time to launch my creations to the public, to you :)