v Agustin Recofsky | RagthorDev

Definitive Animations is a resource pack that is responsible for giving life to more than 120 blocks within the game, providing them with animations that maintain the original aesthetic.

List of blocks that were modified:

.Bamboo leaves
.Bee's nest
.Beetroots crops
.Blast Furnace
.Support for Potions
.Coral Blocks
.Diamond block
.Dead bush
.Light detector
.Diamond Block
.Spell table
.Ender's Chest
.Portal to the End
.Block of gold
.Gold Ore
.Iron Ore
.Mob Spawner
.Stone of light
.Potato Crops
.Quartz Ore
.Redstone lamp
.Smithing table
.Redstone Ore
.Wheat crops
.Carrot crops

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